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Fuck Off Sleeping Mask in Seafoam Green - MATURE

  • $3500

This sleeping mask will definitely help you sleep better by way of a very prominent message to potential sleep disturbers :)

A little edgy yet all in good fun, this mask is perfect for at home, when travelling or when you really, really need someone to know where to go :)


- Black Trim
- Adjustable Strap
- Seafoam Green satin on the inside
- Seafoam Green satin with F*ck Off Silkscreen in black on the outside

Model - Maggie Smith

Fun Fact - All Starlette 55 models are a big part of Lauralee's life in some way. They are people she knows well, that inspire her in everyday life. This for instance, is Maggie Smith, a dear friend and creative globetrotting soul who has played in some very cool bands among other things.

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