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Marilyn Monroe Print Sleeping Mask with Pink Suede Colour Block and Black Ruffle Trim Detailing

  • $3500

This sleeping mask will help keep your sleep restful and classy. With a Marilyn graphic print and deep Pink colour block/ black trim detailing, this mask is perfect for at home or when travelling.


- One size
- Adjustable strap
- Black satin on the inside
- Marilyn Monroe Graphic print with Pink Colour Block/Black Trim Detailing on the outside

Photo's - Mick Match
Model - Lauralee Love

Fun Fact - All Starlette 55 models are a big part of Lauralee's life in some way. They are people she knows well, that inspire her in everyday life. This is Lauralee herself, pulling double duty. Ah, the life of a small business owner, always wearing so many hats but having oh so much fun!

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